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Galápagos or Bust!

by E.Q. Wright

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Inspired by a real-life tortoise named Toby... Galápagos or Bust! is a fun story of friendship, courage, and the discovery that home is where the heart is.

Ruby’s life in the small town of Hope, MN is about to change forever when she rescues a tortoise stranded in a Minnesota blizzard. She bravely promises to help him find his home, and the two embark upon a wild adventure across America. They find danger and serendipity with each passing state line, until reaching the Pacific Ocean where it becomes Ruby who must be rescued. And Toby is just the friend to help, if he can reach her in time.

EQ Wright’s debut novel follows their journey from the Como Zoo in snowy Minnesota to the Honolulu Zoo in sunny Hawaii, where Toby lives to this day.




















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